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ISCN Project Timeline
With the overwhelming support and generosity of the Muslim community, ISCN purchased a 4.3 acre property on Santana Way.
The  City Council approved and issued a building permit for ISCN.
Phase I of the ISCN building project was completed, consisting of a multi-purpose room, classrooms, administrative offices, and restrooms/wudu areas for men & women.  The multi-purpose room  temporarily serves as the main prayer hall, accommodating as many as 457 people, until the permanent Masjid is completed.  Phase I also included construction of the primary parking lot and associated landscaping, as required. Further, additions were made such as sound proof partitions, covered patio, and a small playground for the children.


First school building was completed.
Insha'Allah, we expect to begin construction of the masjid.
Alhudulillah main masjid hall and east wing are completed.

All timings are contingent on the availability of funds and of the permits that have to be obtained from the city.