Three elected bodies, a Board of Trustees, a Board of Directors, and a Board of Education are responsible for the management and overall administration of the ISCN. The BOD is made up of three officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer), and six Members-at-large who chair several standing committees. One board member seat is reserved for a sister, who is responsible for the Women’s Committee and one for the President of the Youth Group.

The current boards are as follows:

Board of Trustees

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Name Position Phone Email
Kalim Farooki Chairman 951-523-7940
Gholam Mustafa Member 951-523-0264
Muhammad Ashraf Member 951-523-0262
Shoukat Shafi Member 951-523-0261
Ziad Jalanbo Member 951-523-7940

Board of Directors

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Name Position Responsibility Phone Email
Abdul Ghani Moulvi Treasurer Development and Constructions 951-523-7662
Irfan Ahmed Bhagani Member Religious Affairs 951-523-7683
Naveed Ghori Member Programs and Fund Raising 951-523-7644
Ahsan Baseer President Facilities & Security 951-523-7957
Muhammad Asif Member Social Services 951-523-7645
Shabana Haxton Member Ladies Affairs, Interfaith 951-523-7688
Fauzia Rizvi Secretary Membership 951-523-7658
Adil Shahzad Member Information Technology 951-523-7652

Board of Education

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Name Position Phone Email
Sarah Mirza Member 951-465-5495
Mehjabeen Shaikh Chairperson 951-465-5494
Iqbal Khamisani Member 951-465-5495
Abdul Muttasif Mohammed Member 951-465-5495
Shakir Riaz Member 951-465-5495