Eid Prayer registration for 1st and 2nd session is now closed.

Eid Message from ISCN President

AasSalam Alaikum Dear Sisters & Brothers:

On behalf of myself, the Board of Directors & the Trustees of the ISCN, I would like to extend a most joyous Eid al-Fitr Mubarak to you, your family & loved ones.

As we all are getting ready for the day of Eid, allow me to share the following message at this happy occasion and some logistical information for your convenience. 

First, I join you in thanking Allah for our ability to observe Ramadan in the Masjid this year. May Allah accept your fasts and your good deeds during the month of Ramadan and keep us always on the path of the righteous.

I appreciate your support in observing the precautionary guidelines in keeping each other safe during the entire month.

Second, I pray that you will continue the spirit of Ramadan and visit the Masjid as frequently as possible for daily & Friday prayers, participate in the ongoing & special programs and share your time, talent and treasure. This is YOUR Masjid and after the mercy of Allah, it needs your support. If you are not already a member of the ISCN, I highly encourage you to become a member and join hands in serving ISCN.

Additionally, I am pleased to highlight some of the ISCN’s services we added this year such as the sign language Khutba translations and our educational programs archived at our YouTube channel. I invite you to visit https://coronamuslims.com/ to learn about all the programs and services for you and your children.

And lastly, I ask that you remember me, my fellow Board Members, the Board of Trustees, our respected Imams and all the volunteers in your prayers and please know I am only an email away (president@coronamuslims.com) for your suggestions and ideas to make ISCN, a spiritual home for us & our children, InshaAllah.


·         ALL parking will be in the Santa Ana Park.

·         The Masjid parking will be reserved for elders and those who have difficulty in walking distances.

·         Please try to reach the Masjid for the Takbeerat about 30 minutes earlier than the Salat time (7:30, 9:00 & 10:15) and factor in your walking time from the Santa Ana park to the Masjid.

·         The CDC guidelines will remain in effect for the day of Eid. Please make sure you wear a mask, bring your prayer rug & line up for prayer on the marked spaces only.

·         As tempting as it may be, please avoid the Eid hugs except with your immediate family members.

·         Please try to leave right after the Salat & Khutba as we need to get the Masjid and the parking ready for the next session.

·         As always, please be kind and heed to volunteers’ directions & remember them in your special Duas.

In closing, I once again extend my most heartfelt Eid greetings to you and your beloved family and pray that you will continue to stay connected and support YOUR Masjid.

JazakaAllah Khayr – Wassalam.

Athar Sayeed

President – Board of Directors

Kamran Haq - General Secretary

Abdur Rauf - Treasurer

Shabbir Moosaji - BOD Member

Rafe Hussain - BOD Member

Shakir Riyaz - BOD Member

Shazia Meraj - BOD Member

Mehjabeen Shaikh - BOD Member

News and Announcements

Masjid is now open for Daily Prayers and Jummah

Please follow all guidelines of social distancing as advised and wear your mask at all times. Please bring your own prayer rug and leave the premises immediately after salah. Please do not visit the masjid if you are sick with COVID symptoms or if you have been around someone who has COVID symptoms.



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Jummah Details

First Khutbah 01:10 pm

Second Khutbah 02:10 pm

ISCN will also broadcast live Khutbah at 01:10 pm. Please join at http://live.coronamuslims.com