Phase 2 plans include the masjid, east wing building, and a free standing school building. The total building area for phase two is 26,620 square feet. 

The Masjid will be a two story building,  to be located north of the court-yard. The east wing, also a two-storyed building,will be located east of the court-yard. Another free-standing one story school building is to be located to the south east side  of the property.

Overall, the proposed first floor plan of the masjid and east wing together is 11,660 SF and it consists of the men’s prayer-hall, masjid entrance and lobby, dawa / seminar center, youth center, book and gift store and administrative offices.

The second floor is 9,960 SF, consisting of a women’s open balcony prayer area, toddlers’ / baby sitting / mothers’ prayer room, women’s lobby and lounge area, class rooms and activities rooms.

By 2009, the first school building, with a total area of approximately 5,000 SF, was completed, along with the outdoor basketball court. Covering approximately 5,000 SF it consists of 10 classrooms including class rooms for the KG level. This building has also been designed to accommodate a potential day care program. It is currently home to the Academy For Excellence, a full-time school for students in grades K-6. Additionally, ISCN operates its Al-Huda, Al-Furqan, and Al-Noor educational programs there.