Welcome to the Islamic Society of Corona Norco


The centerpiece of our creed is the Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah (SWT), Who is the One and Only, the Merciful and Compassionate Creator, and that Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) is His Final Prophet and Messenger.


ISCN is an independent, non-profit, religious organization. Its mission is to assist Muslims in America to preserve their religious heritage and customs and to create a sense of community amongst the followers of Islam. ISCN members shall contribute peacefully and democratically to the diversity and pluralism of American society.

ISCN Address

465 Santana Way, Corona, CA 92881

ISCN By-Laws

Our Organization


Sh.Obair Katchi

Email: imam@coronamuslims.com

Administrative Assistant

Office: 951-736-8155

Email: info@coronamuslims.com

Board Of Trustees

Name Position Phone Email
Gholam Mustafa Member 951-523-0264 gholam.mustafa@coronamuslims.com
Muhammad Ashraf Member 951-523-0262 chair-bot@coronamuslims.com
Iftikhar Soulat Member 951-523-0261 iftikhar.soulat@coronamuslims.com
Waleed Nassar Member 951-523-7940 waleed.nassar@coronamuslims.com
Shahid Jalal Member 951-523-7940 shahid.jalal@coronamuslims.com

Board Of Directors

Name Position Responsibility Phone Email
Abdur Rauf Treasurer Day to day expenses and donations. treasurer@coronamuslims.com
Athar Sayeed President Facilities/Masjid Campus Operations president@coronamuslims.com,frc@coronamuslims.com
Kamran Haque Secretary Membership Committee secretary@coronamuslims.com
Farhan Khan Member Information Technology for the Masjid campus/School it@coronamuslims.com
Bassam Yammout Member Fundraising committee fr@coronamuslims.com
Shabbir Moosaji Member Social Services and Programs ss@coronamuslims.com,programs@coronamuslims.com
Samar Hajjar Member Youth activities. iscnyouth@coronamuslims.com
Shazia Meraj Member Women’s Committee/Interfaith committee. interfaith@coronamuslims.com

Board Of Education

Name Position Phone Email
Moiz Uddin Haqani Chairperson 951-454-3381 Chair-BOE@coronamuslims.com
Mohammad Mashood Mirza Member 310-408-7977 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Syed Mazher Ali Member 951-465-5494 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Muhammad Sadiq Khan Member 951-465-5495 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Mir Alikhan Shahad Member 714-213-2400 BOE@coronamuslims.com